Homeward Animal Shelter Seeking Homes for Adult Cats, Kittens

The "Feline Frenzy" wraps up Sunday afternoon

FARGO, N.D. — Homeward Animal Shelter is looking for prospective families to adopt several of their adult cats. This weekend, people could adopt the felines for $25, or they can bring home a kitten for $65. They currently have 160 cats in their care, half of which are over the age of one. Heather Clyde, the Shelter Manager, says they need…

Homeward Animal Shelter Drops Prices for Older Cats

The shelter is offering a fifty percent discount on adoption fees for cats six months and older

FARGO, N.D.– June is adopt a shelter cat month. Homeward Animal Shelter is dropping the price to help find homes for their older feline friends. This month, the shelter is offering a fifty percent discount on adoption fees for their cats who are six months and older. Between the shelter and foster homes, Homeward has more than 90 cats and…

The Red River Zoo Welcomes Five Rare Kittens

The Pallas kittens aren't quite ready to meet the public yet

FARGO, ND — The Red River Zoo welcomes 5 new friends. Five Pallas kittens born on April 20th are already stealing the hearts of zoo–goers online. At this point, the kittens are in a nesting box with their mother. We weren’t allowed to bring our camera along to see them just yet because the species is known to have an…