Hawley Elementary School holds parade to send off students for the summer

Teachers and staff dressed up to stand outside the school and wave to students to thanks them for a great year

HAWLEY, Minn. — The school year has come to an end and Hawley Elementary decided to send their kids off in style.

Teachers and staff hosted an end-of-the-year parade for students and their families.

They stood outside the school giving out treats as a long procession of cars made their way by. After a very unexpected ending to the school year, organizers felt this was the least they could do to thank the kids. It also gave them a chance to see them in person one more time.

“We miss them,” said school principal, Chris Ellingson. “It has been a long time since we have been able to see them. We wanted to see them again and have a little bit of fun in doing so. We took a lot for granted and we really found out how much we really do enjoy what we do and the kids are the main part of that.”

Ellingson was carrying a sign during the parade reminding the kids there is just 111 days until the start of the next school year.

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