Social Distancing: The Big Flower Fight

Watching A Floral Design Show With A Florist Is Entertaining


This long weekend is a good chance to catch up on some shows.
Even if you’ve already went though your queue, streaming services aren’t out of new stuff to drop.
Which brings me to what I did most of the weekend. Netflix dropped a new floral design competition show called “The Big Flower Fight” last week.
Teams of amateur designers from different backgrounds have to compete making wild, huge displays using different types of plants each episode.
It’s impressive as heck. It always looks like the designs are gonna look like garbage, but then they snap together into something beautiful at the last second.
I got through six of the eight episodes this weekend with my girlfriend, who happens to work in the floral industry.
And oh man, it’s fun watching something with someone who knows the ins and outs of what they’re doing.
She could barely contain her excitement.
At one point she just started excitedly spouting gibberish. “Wrpgherioghgolh” is pretty close to a direct quote from her.
She was falling in love with the huge variety of flowers, the way they were putting them together.
She was yelling at people who were saying incorrect things about flowers.
It was great. I highly recommend you find a florist to watch the show with if you can.
I bet it’s like watching a cop show with a cop or a medical show with a doctor.
Plus, for a competition show it’s pretty kind-hearted. Even the judges aren’t that harsh.
So on the “he loves me, he loves me not” flower petal scale, I give it a love.

You’ve still got one day left for the long holiday weekend. How are you spending it? If you’re staying in and bing-watching, let us know what you’re watching.
If you’re out on the grill, show us what you’re grilling! Out on the lake? We’d love to see that too.
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