LIVE: Woman Hopes To Find Homes For Foster Children By Sharing Her Family’s Foster Care Story

May is National Foster Care Month


A Grand Forks woman says her life followed a path she never thought it would. But now she wants to use her experience to help kids who need loving, stable homes.

When Ashley Rae Klinger and her husband experienced infertility, they found a different way to start a family.
The adopted a son and became foster parents.
The couple has fostered 10 kids in about a year and a half, including three currently.
Klinger has started a website, video blog and podcast series to help share what the foster parent experience is like and help find more loving home for kids in need.
She says now is the best time to learn more about whether or not foster care is right for you.

She adds, “We all can come up with the excuses as to maybe why it isn’t a right fit for us or why we don’t have the time to do it. But now more than ever we have the time to reach out and learn more about foster care. Reach out to a family. Reach out to an agency.”

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