Social Distancing: Remembering What We Have

Plus, A New Memorial Tradition May Have Started


We took time to honor our military service members who gave their lives serving this country this week.
Things looked different because of the pandemic. In-person memorial services were cancelled or cut way back, but with the change we could see the birth of a new tradition to honor those service members this morning.

Peter Thiel is a band teacher at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School in Fargo.
He posted a video of him playing taps, a solitary salute to fallen heroes for Memorial Day.
He wrote , “Really cool way to honor those who have fallen. I hope this becomes a tradition that lives on.”
I think a lot of people around here agree. The video has more than four thousand views between Facebook and Twitter this morning.

The long weekend is a good chance to get out and enjoy Mother Nature as we finally can rely on warm weather.

My girlfriend and I took a nice walk through a local park. I posted this selfie with my awful windswept hair seeing if people could guess what bridge I was on.

Adam On A Bridge

A few people tried but no one got it. We were at Oak Grove Park.

I don’t know if I’ve been taking it for granted before, but this year Mother Nature seemed to step up her game pretty much overnight.
The trees and flowers are popping a lot more than they were even a week or two ago. We took some beautiful pictures.

20200525 113906
I think with social distancing, I’m appreciating more of what I can do.
Restaurants or movies or bars have been a pipe dream the last couple month.
But COVID-19 can’t take away a simple stroll through the park.
And everyone who was there was respectful of social distancing. No one got within 15 feet of me.
It’s a nice reminder that we’re still pretty lucky even as we cope with strange new times.

Are you enjoying nature now that we’ve finally got some consistent nice weather? Show us!
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