Red River Valley COVID-19 Task Force Meets To Discuss Testing And Tracing

In Cass County, contact tracers are following 595 active cases and 12-hundred people.

FARGO, N.D. – The Red River Valley COVID-19 task force was formed at the request of Governor Doug Burgum earlier this month.

13 partner organizations began working to determine how to best address the coronavirus and its impact on the community.

“Since our locally generated testing matrix has been implemented, we’ve been able to focus our limited resources solely on targeted testing. The increase of positive cases shows that our testing strategy is effective. Arising cases is expected, and with targeted testing the numbers will go up before they can go down,” says Fargo Cass Public Health Director Desi Flemming.

Thanks to the efforts from the state, NPR says North Dakota is leading the nation in contact tracing per capita and is third for testing per capita.

“We are running on such a low rate of positivity and that means that we are isolating this virus and keeping people who have the disease isolated out of the community and not spreading it,” Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says.

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney has been talking with Governor Doug Burgum about the possibility of allowing bars and restaurants to serve more people.

“We’re tracking the testing and we’re isolating the people that are positive. The idea of restaurants is perhaps to move to 75 percent occupancy, maybe eventually to 100. That’s maybe an option that’s being discussed,” he adds.

The task force says it has been able to flatten the curve so there’s not a surge in cases that overwhelms the healthcare system.

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