Hundreds plan to march for George Floyd in Fargo on Saturday

Protestors will be showing solidarity with Minneapolis and seeking justice for George Floyd

FARGO, N.D. — As protests across the country are sparked and those in the Twin Cities continue, people in Fargo are planning to make their voices heard.

This upcoming Saturday is when a peaceful protest is set for those in the area to “pay respect to George’s family and countless other black lives that have been taken by the hands of police,” according to the Fargo Marches for George Floyd event page.

The protest is set to begin at Island Park at 10 a.m., and event organizers stress that they will be marching in peace, saying any kind of violence or destruction will not be tolerated.

According to the Facebook event page, everyone must be wearing a face mask in order to participate.

Fargo Police say they’ve reached out to event organizers to help support and facilitate a peaceful protest.

The department, however, won’t comment on the logistics of how they would do so.

Jaamal Abegaz of Moorhead is one of more than 900 people (as of Thursday evening) planning on showing up this Saturday.

“That’s a message to every legislator, every city commissioner, every county commissioner, every police officer, every actor of the state. But for us do you sit where you sit. And if you think for a second that that is not the case, here, let’s march in the streets and remind you,” he says.

The protest is in George Floyd’s name, but Abegaz says it’s also about much more.

“People are upset. People are loudly upset. They are challenging the police because it is not just about a single incident. It’s about a hundred years old history of this type of disregard for a specific population.”

For Abegaz, Floyd’s death serves as a reminder.

“George Floyd’s murder has been another horrifying example. It just reminds me that the system will keep killing us.”

That is, he says, until real change can be made.

A map of the route for the protest is posted on the event’s Facebook page.

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