Social Distancing: Dino Sprinkler

Plus, We Ask If You're Comfortable Going To A Garage Sale During COVID-19


It kind of feels like we’re in that weird in-between part of the pandemic where things are starting to loosen up, but we’re not sure whether or not it’s OK to do things we used to not think twice about.

Case in point: I was surprised to run across a garage sale this weekend here in the metro. But people were stopping and taking a look. So I asked you if you’d stop by a garage sale right now during COVID-19.
Not surprising, there’s no clear consensus.

Patty says, “Yes”. Heather says, “Ick. No way.”

Some of you did elaborate on your answers.

Vickie says she would, but adds “I would be respectful of distance and use hand sanitizer.”

Barb admits “The temptation would be strong.” for her.

On the flip side, MJ doesn’t seem eager to hunt for a deal. She says, they’ll, “Keep community spread coming.”

And Jenni Lou has an answer most six-year-olds would relate to. She says, “No. You keep your cooties and I’ll keep mine.”

The only thing that’s clear is that there’s no clear-cut answer.

Are you lightening up your social distancing? Are you heading out to a restaurant? Or are you staying in and trying some new social distancing recipes? let us know!
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One thing that is clear though, is that Emily Welker has a cute daughter, and she’s showing off her new social distancing buddy.

They are not out and about shopping garage sales in the neighborhood. Her family mostly sticks to their yard.

But they’re finding ways to make it fun there.

Monday’s big record-setting heat was the perfect excuse to break out her daughter’s new dinosaur sprinkler toy.

Her grandparents sent it to her back at Christmas from the fossil shop down the street from their house, but obviously they weren’t going to use it then.

That’s the great thing about dinosaur toys — they’re also a good excuse to learn about dinosaurs, extinction and evolution while you’re having fun.

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