Social Distancing: Summer Sweat

As The Weather Warms And Some Gyms Stay Closed, How To Safely Work Out And Try To Social Distance From The Heat


When everything started shutting down in mid-March, we were literally still in the last days of winter.
We still had snow storms and freezing temps to deal with.
But now, two and a half months later, we’re setting records in the upper 90’s.
That means we even have to reconsider our social distancing practices.
Gyms are still closed in Minnesota, and I’ve been working out at home and outside.

But, dude. It was rough out there yesterday. I’m a big guy. I was fine running in 60 degree weather during April and May. But yesterday I was sucking up water like a sponge, and immediately sweating it all back out.
So if you’re still trying to work out away from the gym I found a few tips from the Mayo Clinic, some of which, I admit I did not follow.

They recommend you get acclimated to warmer temps. It can take up to two weeks for your body to adapt to the heat, so start off slow and gradually ramp things up in the summer.

Fluids! I drained my water bottle yesterday, and I usually don’t do that.
Mayo says don’t wait until you’re feeling thirsty to drink.
It helps your body sweat and stay cool.

Avoid the midday sun.
I was a dummy and made that mistake. I ran over the noon hour.
The sun isn’t as intense in the morning or evening. And find a shady area if possible.

Wear sunscreen. Mayo says a sunburn decreases your body’s ability to cool itself. I did not know that.

And finally, get the right clothes. Loose clothes help sweat evaporate more. Avoid dark colors, and wear a light-colored wide-brimmed hat if you got one.

Be safe out there working out at a safe social distance.
Show me your workout hacks if you’re staying away from the gym! Send your pics and videos to me on Facebook and Twitter.

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