Fargo musician writes song about black voices needing to be heard

Cedric Calhoun, or Hygh-C, wrote his song "Starts With You" to get people to better understand living as a black person in this country

FARGO, N.D. – OneFargo was an entirely peaceful event, but is certainly wasn’t a quiet one.

All of Island Park could hear the voices of black leaders in the Fargo-Moorhead community who have been working so hard to get their message heard. It’s a message of unity; a call for to the area to become more inclusive.

Cedric Calhoun was one of those faces in the crowd listening to that message. He says this event is exactly what the community needed.

“That is what we have been wanting to do for the past two weeks. Just waiting for someone to say something and just listen,” said Calhoun.

Calhoun knows all about getting people to listen. The Fargo native is a musician and says the past couple of weeks have been hard for him.

As an outlet for his frustration, he has turned to his work, creating a song that brings racial injustices to people’s attention.

“Just to let everyone know that we need change,” Calhoun said. “I might as well put my word in. I am not doing it for popularity or anything like that, it is just people need to listen.”

“Starts With You” is the title of the song written by Calhoun, whose artist name is Hygh-C. It’s a way for him to share his own experience as a black man in this country and to get those who don’t look like him to understand that that is not an easy life to live.

“You listen to the lyrics and it is more of telling you the story about what is going on, how we need change,” explained Calhoun. “It’s part of the movement, Black Lives Matter. I wrote it for all the victims.”

Hygh-C understands music is a powerful way to reach people. In a time like this, voices like his need to be heard maybe more than ever.

He echoes the messages of peace and unity that were heard at the OneFargo event and hopes that his music can help continue to spread that message.

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