OneFargo celebration shares an open dialogue on race

FARGO, N.D. – The two plus hour One Fargo event brought several hundred people to Island Park. Those who attended followed the organizers request and left the protest at home. The event started with some local musicians singing some tunes for the crowd.

It was followed by some words from the organizers asking those who brought flowers to give them one to someone who doesn’t look like them to show unity.

The celebration also had some guest speakers that included Fargo Mayor Tim, Mahoney, Moorhead Mayor Jonathan Judd and West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis. The mayors encouraged those in the crowd to speak their truth and approach them with issues they think could be done better by city officials and law enforcement.

“What are we missing? What are we supposed to see? The demands aren’t hard when you look at them. The demands are asking for things we all would want. What we especially want is, we want a voice. Let’s have a voice in our community. Let us stand-up and let us tell the things you need to tell the leaders to do,” Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney said.

After the guest speakers, there was a special performance made by the Native American group the Buffalo River Dancers.

On KVRR Local News at 9, we’ll hear more about the organizers and why they say the fight must continue beyond this celebration.

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