The F-M Community Comes Together To Celebrate “OneFargo”

The celebration featured a special performance by the Native American group the Buffalo River Dancers.



FARGO, N.D.- Hundreds of people from the F-M community came together in a peaceful celebration that involved food, dance and unity.

The celebration was to honor George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and all the other lives lost at the hands of police.

The organizers also celebrated having lead successful conversations with city leaders, law enforcement and other officials about what the metro can do better for the communities of color.

“These policy changes are only a first step to remediating hundreds of years of systematic injustice as a matter of public policy. The people must and will work together to keep their officials in track to meet these goals. This list represents a list of working demands, and is representative of the beginning of the solid working relationship with our elected officials and we thank you for it.”

Those speaking say that it takes the simplest actions to make the biggest difference.

“Talk to your neighbor. Love on your neighbor. Respect your neighbor and above all, love them beyond any type of desire of your own.”

The organizers also asked those who brought flowers to give them one to someone who doesn’t look like them.

“We want it to be a representation to always blossom and reach out to your neighbor.”

Speakers at the celebration included: Fargo Mayor Tim, Mahoney, Moorhead Mayor Jonathan Judd and West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis.

Mahoney says he encourages anyone in the community to speak their voice.

“What are we missing? What are we supposed to see? The demands aren’t hard when you look at them. The demands are asking for things we all would want. What we especially want is, we want a voice. Let’s have a voice in our community. Let us stand-up and let us tell the things you need to tell the leaders to do.”

At the end of the celebration, the community sang “Lean on Me” before heading home.

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