LIVE: Vote in the North Dakota Primary Election

VOTE. Votevotevotevotevotevotevotevotevote! Today.

If you’ve read the above subhead to this story, thanks. Your interest in voting is part of what makes America so special.

But today is election day in North Dakota, and unlike in years past, we can’t just waltz out to our local polling place and cast your ballot.

Instead, this election is via mail in-ballot only.

County Commissions in all 53 counties have authorized Vote-by Mail for the election as a measure to reduce our risk of exposure to COVID-19.

If you haven’t sent in your ballot by mail, you’re encouraged to drop it off by hand today.

You’ve got until 4 pm to return it to a ballot drop box.

For more information on where to find them, click on the link below.

And thank you for voting today!

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