ND long-term care facilities begin plans for visitation

After multiple rounds of testing, facilities are cleared to begin phase one of the three-phase plan to allow visitation

FARGO, N.D. — Long-term care facilities in North Dakota are laying out plans to begin reuniting their residents with each other and their families.

The plan was created by the North Dakota Department of Human services and includes three phases. In order to enter phase one, all facilities will have to undergo a minimum of two rounds of COVID-19 testing among both residents and staff. There must also be a 90% compliance rate among those tested.

Once a facility is clear to begin phase one, residents will be able to visit with both their families and others in the facility.

“Outside scheduled visitation can occur with families and residents while exercising social distancing. Visitation is prohibited within the facility except for end-of-life situations,” said the chairman of the North Dakota Long-Term Care Association’s Reuniting Residents and Families task force, Chris Larson.

As of Tuesday, 82 of the 218 care facilities in the state have entered phase one and the rest are in the second or third round of testing.

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