West Fargo Fitness Facility Honors George Floyd’s Life Through A Workout

The event took place at Rendezvous Park

WEST FARGO, N.D. – A workout put together by Strong Roots gym included 612 lunges and 46 burpees.

The number of lunges represents the Minneapolis area code, which is 612,  and the 46 burpees represent Floyd’s age at the time of his death.

Every five minutes, the group also did 25 air squats and 20 push ups.

The 5-25-20 combination represents the date Floyd was killed.

“What we’re hoping with these types of workouts is that people are thinking about who the workout is for and what happened around that. What is the change, we would be blind to say that something hasn’t changed since George Floyd’s murder, and this is an opportunity for us to move and reflect on that,” says Kayla Goebel, Local Organizer, Strong Roots.

About 25 people participated in the workout.

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