Moorhead Rotary Club Hosts Food Drive For Churches United

More than 30 people dropped off food items.

MOORHEAD, Minn- The Moorhead Rotary Club is no stranger to helping out when a hand is needed.

“People need food and we have the time and the energy to do it.”

The club says the country is still facing trying times.

“They’ve lost jobs, they need to feed their families, with the COVID pandemic that has only exacerbated things, so the need is greater than ever and we’re just thrilled as a club to help out in this way,” says David Sederquist, a member of the member of the Moorhead Rotary Club.

They thought this drive-in food drive at Concordia’s Bogstad apartment buildings would be a great idea for those who want to do their part for the community, but don’t know how.

“We know it’s there and we know people are just looking for the avenues to do it and we’re delighted that they’re turning out,” they say.

The donations collected will go to Churches United which operates the Dorothy Day House and Micah’s Mission.

Churches United says it’s local organizations like the rotary club and community members that make him feel very grateful to be part of the Fargo-Moorhead area.

“I”m very appreciative, I’m very grateful, I’m very thankful to be in a community where people could think of people who are less fortunate, those that are in need of housing and food, and for people to come out and support that it means a lot to us at Churches United,” Brent Brandt, the Chief Development Officer at Churches United says.

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