Social Distancing: In For The Long Haul

A Reminder That We've Made A Big Commitment To Fighting The Virus


This social distancing thing is carrying on for a while. We’re about three months in, and COVID-19 rates are still rising in many parts of the country.

I got a reminder about how long we’ve all been doing this yesterday. If you remember, I compared a couple different reusable mask types a little over a month ago. I’ve been trying to wear that mask around the office after the show since more people are starting to come back after working remotely.
And dang, it, my mask broke on me. That bummed me out. It’s kind of a mental blow to realize that we’ve been having to social distance so long that our reusable masks are starting to wear out. But it is a reminder that we probably have to get used to it. This new normal likely isn’t going away soon.

I’ve got a couple other masks I cycle through when I have to go out. Do you have any tips to make yours more durable? I want to see an indestructible mask!
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