“Gotham City on steroids” Alexandria Republican describes law enforcement being eliminated

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – State Representative Mary Franson of Alexandria tried to amend the proposed Minnesota Police Accountability Act Thursday night to prevent cities and towns from disbanding their police departments.

The Republican referenced a movement within the Minneapolis City Council to do so.

Groups in other cities want to defund police by shifting some money from law enforcement’s budgets in other areas like housing, schools and health care clinics.

Franson says multiple shootings in Minneapolis following George Floyd’s death is an example of the importance of keeping police departments.

“If the police are eliminated, law enforcement is eliminated, you can expect this type of crime to continue. It will be Gotham City on steroids,” Franson said.

The amendment was struck down 73-59 with Democrats arguing the amendment wasn’t relevant to the original bill.

Franson tweeted, “Instead of being in favor of taking a vote in favor of law enforcement, Democrats hid behind the rules.

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