Moorhead Human Rights Commission Talks About Discrimination & Rooting It Out

They are also hosting a listening session on July 1st about hate crimes and other issues.

MOORHEAD, Minn. — “We are providing a safe space to discuss race, an incidents of hate speech and discrimination we are here to listen and gather information,” Moorhead Human Rights Commission Chair Cani Aden said.

After two months without a meeting because of COVID-19, the group is getting the chance to hear from the community about discrimination.

These talks include profiling, how to report an incident with an officer and how people can provide feedback.

“So, she got pulled over, our law officer looked over her car and when she asked him for his badge number the response was ‘I am not going to give it to you, you will have it on the ticket when it comes in the mail.’ So, what is the responsibility that our police officers have and ask that our community members have an obligation from them to give that information to us?” Moorhead Human Rights Commissioner Heather Keeler said.

The group also spoke with Moorhead Police about how to work with the department on improving community relations.

Human Rights Commission Chair Cani Aden says the goal is to take information to help form policy at city hall.

He says some of the goals of the commission is helping provide better housing opportunities and fixing the racial inequalities around town.

“I just want to make sure that we are listening to these stories, that we are listening to them in a space of an open heart and open mind and know the ability that we have to grow,” Keeler said.

The commission says they are planning to have more talks over the summer to help improve the community and want to remind people that anyone is encouraged to join the conversation.

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