Health Experts Continue To See Decline In COVID-19 Cases in ND

Last week, Governor Burgum said the state had the capacity to process 5000 tests per day.

NORTH DAKOTA – The Red River Valley COVID-19 Task Force has been working around the clock to prevent and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’ve been really good at identifying positive cases and then once we identify positive cases, we have a really strong contact team here and so I think when you do that really well, you’re able to then, appropriately isolate and quarantine people and then you’re slowing that spread,” says Desi Fleming, the director of Cass County Public Health.

On a press conference last week, Governor Burgum said the state had the capacity to process 5,000 tests per day.

On Thursday, the state completed just over 4,000.

With things slowly starting to go back to normal, Cass County Public Health says it’s important now more than ever to have prevention practices in mind.

“So, that would be wearing the mask at the stores when you’re out in public, that would be good hand washing and social distancing wherever you’re at,” Fleming says.

For them, It’s all about getting the message to the community that everybody has a role to play in the pandemic.

“The ultimate goal is to protect our most vulnerable. So if you’re going to see grandparents, you have a responsibility to kind of know what your exposure is before you go and do any visits or visit anyone that might have chronic medical or be older,” she adds.

For the last two weeks, Eventide has been doing outdoor visits, allowing no more than two family members to reunite with their loved one for 30 to 45 minutes in a somewhat supervised manner.

“We want it to be private and intimate too, so we’re not sitting out there, but we can see. Just to enforce that masks need to be worn at all times, for the resident and the family member, and that social distancing is something we do too,” says Chris Gilson, the Executive Director at Eventide. 

The say that for now, there are going to stick to outdoor visits, but are planning to do indoor visits in the next couple of weeks.

There were four mass coronavirus testing sites at the Fargodome this week.

Thursday’s was called off early because of a capacity issue at the state lab.

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