Escape Rooms in Fargo Welcome People Back With New Safety Guidelines

Both businesses encourage people to book a room at least an hour before if you're planning to come in.

FARGO, N.D. – With the new restrictions in place, you will now be able to enjoy a private room with your group.

“You will only be in the room with people you choose to come and play with,” Co-owner of Puzzled Escape Room Kay Cameron said.

This is just one of the new rules set by escape rooms in the F-M area who reopened their doors this past month.

“What we’re doing is restricting rooms so we don’t have as many available, also spacing them out so in between rooms we have time to clean,” says Eric Ista, the co-owner of Fargo Escape Room.

Because touching things is part of the experience, the businesses have taken their cleaning efforts up a notch.

“Making sure the locks, doorknobs, anything that they might be handling in the room is thoroughly clean and sanitized,” Ista adds.

‘We’ve always worked to make sure the room is clean and our environment is clean, so we just keep that up and do what needs to be done to keep that moving forward in the right direction,” says Kay Cameron, the Co-Owner of Puzzled Escape Room.

They are also spacing rooms to avoid overlaps between different groups coming and going.

“We only have one team start at a time. So, instead of having all of our games start every two hours we stagger them for about for about half an hour a piece. So, you won’t be in the lobby with people at this point,” Cameron said.

They say that while things might look slightly different, the experience remains the same.

“I love having our players play, I love listening to them cheer when they succeed, so it just brought back a lot of joy back to my life,” Ista said.

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