Fargo Cass Public Health officials say more young people are getting COVID-19

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Cass Public Health officials say they’re seeing more people in their twenties and thirties contracting the coronavirus.

Epidemiologist Brenton Nesemeier says this is due to younger people being more mobile and social during the pandemic.

Although a young person usually has milder symptoms and recovers more quickly, Nesemeier says that doesn’t mean they should be any less careful.

Wearing face masks and social distancing when going out are still crucial.

Health officials are concerned about younger folks spreading the virus to more vulnerable populations.

Nesemeier says, “Right now, it is affecting the younger population group and thankfully, they don’t have as negative outcomes, but eventually that will start to spill over into the older population, which we may see our hospitalization rate increase, our death rate increase.”

He adds that as with any upper respiratory disease, COVID-19 can cause permanent lung damage that may impact young people as they age.

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