Social Distancing: Distancing From Fireworks

The 4th Got A Little Too Exciting For These Kids


I hope you had a lovely 4th of July over the weekend, and got to eat some good food and see some good fireworks. I bought a new grill and made hot dogs and steaks. It all felt very patriotic. And a lot of people shot off fireworks at home this year to avoid large crowds at public displays. But even if you’re just in your driveway, it’s always good to keep social distancing in mind with fireworks.

Oh I love this video. That’s from my girlfriend’s family celebration over the weekend. Her little nephews just loved the fountain firework, up to a point. Poor kids. I hope they realized afterward that the firework was supposed to do that. But I love how they just run out of the frame. Better safe than sorry.

How did you celebrate the 4th? Were you able to check out some fireworks? Let us know.
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