Colorblind glasses help Moorhead man see life more vibrantly

Daniel Haglund has been red-green colorblind all his life

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Life has started to look a whole lot brighter for Daniel Haglund.

For the first time, Haglund was able to see all colors as they are suppose to be seen.

“I was anticipating it for my whole life,” said Haglund. “You always want to know what everyone else is seeing, but there is no way to see it, and then when you finally see it, it is like opening a present that you waited for.”

Haglund has spent the entirety of his life suffering from red-green colorblindness. It causes him to live life with a much duller view of the world.

“There are a lot of things out here that are green and red that I was interpreting as maybe more washed out or maybe a different kind of color or a different color,” said Haglund.

After a gift of Pilestone Colorblind Glasses from his girlfriend, even the most normal things in our everyday lives look vibrant through Haglund’s lenses.

“Yesterday I drove with them for the first time. The green lights and the red lights are like neon to me,” said Haglund.

Seeing colors clearly is a seemingly small thing many may take for granted each day, but it’s been a bucket list item for Haglund for as long as he can remember.

Finally getting around to making it happen has made him want to check more things off his list.

“It has kind of changed my thought process lately,” said Haglund. “There are a lot of new things I want to try; travel and things I want to make in the kitchen. I want to do these things I have been putting off forever. I think that has given me the impetus to start thinking more creatively like that too.”

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