Social Distancing: Distanced From Shore

Plus, have you ever seen a painting from a gecko?


With summer recreation season here, we’ve been looking at ways to get away from it all while social distancing. I’ve been planning a couple camping trips in the next few months, trying to find places off the beaten path.
But I don’t think I can beat Deborah, who sent in this video.

She calls it her idea of social distancing. They’re even socially distanced from the land out there.
This is on Lake of the Woods, specifically Zipple Bay north of Baudette.
You can barely even see the shoreline in the distance.
Deborah sings the praises of Zipple Bay State Park. She says they’ve got rustic campgrounds, beaches, trails, all the good outdoor necessities.
Plus, she says they have blueberries that are ripening right now and great for picking.
I had no idea you could pick berries up near Lake of the Woods. That sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

We’ve also been sharing a ton of your cute animal videos. They’ve really helped keep my spirits up during all this COVID nonsense.

I’ve been sharing a lot of hijinks from the Hawkes Homestead Animal Sanctuary out near New Rockford. We had adoptable chinchillas from them on Pet Connection a couple weeks ago. And here is their latest venture, animal paintings.
This is Delphi the crested gecko. He waddled around in a vegetable-based edible paint then scurried across the canvas, leaving behind a one-of-a-kind work of art.
They’ve also done paintings with a Dutch bantam chicken, a baby Dixie rainbow chick and a cat.
They’re auctioning off the paintings later this week to raise money for their animals.
Here’s a link to their Facebook page.

Now we’re still looking for vacation ideas, and fun animal videos. I doubt social distancing will go away any time soon, so we need all the fun we can get.
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