Pet Connection: Meet Louis And Alfredo

Chinchillas Are Perhaps The Fluffiest Animals You'll Meet


These might be the fluffiest pets you can get. And a lively pair of them are looking for a home. We’ve got a first-time animal rescue and an animal we’ve never seen before on Pet Connection this morning.

Prepare to squee when you meet Louis and Alfredo the chinchillas.

Louis and Alfredo came to Hawkes Homestead in New Rockford after a college student wasn’t able to keep them in the dorms.
They are a bonded male pair. They’re not sure of their age.
These chinchillas are very social and love to run around and get into things.
They are the fluffiest animals ever pretty much.
Hawkes Homestead will help train any prospective chinchilla owners if they’re interested.
And if it sadly doesn’t work out, they do have a return policy.
Click here to go to Hawkes Homestead on Facebook if you want more information.


Last week’s dogs have each other, but they would love to have a new home together too.
We featured Samantha and Winston last week from the Humane Society of the Lakes.
They’re a bonded pair who could use a little extra training, but who doesn’t at times?
They like kids, and going for walks exploring.
They deserve a good home. Find out more about them by clicking here.

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