Pet Connection: Meet Samantha And Winston

Dog Would Love A Home Togther


Samantha and Winston came to the Humane Society of the Lakes all the way from Texas. They’re a playful pair who would prefer to have each other as company in their new home.

They’re a bit rough around the edges, but you can help that with a little training. The both like children who are gentle, and can get used to cats.

They love going for walks and exploring new areas. Their next adventure could be at your home. Find out more about them by clicking here.

Last week’s bubbly pair of Pet Connection kitties have new homes. Lemon and Lime were just 12 weeks old when they joined us from Homeward Animal Shelter. They have that classic kitten energy and playfulness.

They’re both getting chances to play with their new families. Homeward adopted both Lemon and Lime out. They’re each going to their own home, which goes to show Lemon and Lime are great no matter if they’re together or not.

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