LIVE: Swift Welcome For Red River Zoo’s Newest Additions

Zoo Welcomed Three Female Swift Foxes This Week

It was a swift turnaround getting the Red River Zoo’s newest additions on display.
Three Swift Foxes only arrived Monday night, but you can already enjoy their antics in their new home.
You used to be able to find them in the wild here in our area, but now they’re only occasionally seen wild in the southwestern part of North Dakota.
The zoo was worried you might not have been able to see these foxes in Fargo.
They had been working for months to get them, but COVID-19 put those plans in flux before things came together in the end.

Executive Director Sally Jacobson explains, “It was all kind of up in the air but thankfully we were able to coordinate that and a couple of generous donors allowed us to be able to expand the exhibit a bit and to transport the animals here to Fargo.”

All three Swift Foxes at the zoo are female. But the zoo is part of a breeding program and could bring in a male fox in about a year.

Check us out live from the zoo on Wednesday’s morning show in the video above.

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