Walmart, Sam’s Club to require face coverings beginning Monday

Walmart joins the list of other retailers requiring shoppers to wear a mask inside its stores

FARGO, N.D. — Sunday marks the final day shoppers at Walmart and Sam’s Club can roam the aisles without wearing a face covering.

That’s why Ryan Wagner of Kindred, North Dakota said he made sure to stop in before the requirement takes effect Monday morning.

“That way I don’t have to put the mask on right away,” he said.

Wagner made sure to stock up for at least the next several days,  but he says he realizes his next grocery run will feel a bit different.

“I’m sure when it requires it, I’ll do it, but it’s just kind of uncomfortable and a nuisance,” he explained.

In a statement, Walmart officials say they know some people have differing opinions on this topic.

Wagner said, “Most people I talk to don’t want to wear them, but I suppose they will if they have to.”

Others in the community say wearing a face mask is a simple and necessary step to protecting both yourself and others.

“It’s important. You don’t want to die,” said Herta Bennett of West Fargo. “I think for the safety of the people, I think you should wear it – all should wear it.”

Bennett said she’ll be happy to see all other shoppers wearing a face covering.

“I see quite a few wearing it but a lot don’t either.”

Beginning Monday, Walmart will station employees referred to as Health Ambassadors near the entrance of the store to remind those without a mask of the new requirement.

“Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all,” said Wagner. “If it helps people, then it helps people.”

To help ensure consistency with the new process, all stores will have a single entrance.

According to store signage, infants, young children and those with certain health issues are exempt from the mask requirement.

Walmart says its employees will be trained on situations where it’s not possible for the customer to wear a face mask.

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