Boats ‘Flying off the lot’ as COVID-19 changes Summer plans

FARGO, ND – Boat dealerships are usually busy around March and April, but this year, it’s looking a little different.

“It was kind of strangely quiet during those six weeks,” said Matt Edmondson, the General Manager of Tracker Boat Center.

Things are starting to heat up however, as family vacations and summer activities were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Now, dealers say they can hardly keep boats in the showroom.

“They had family vacations planned for the summer that are unable to go to those locations so they’re getting a boat locally here and spending some time on the water and really getting to enjoy a lot of family time,” said Joel Hemze, the Sales Manager at J&K Marine

“We’ve had so many boats come in for service stuff that people haven’t used for two, three, four, five years that are spending the money to get them fixed up and get back out on the water,” said Edmondson.

“A lot of it comes to being able to be around your family,” said Edmondson, “But still doing your social distancing thing and being able to be outdoors and enjoy that time without being locked in the house.”

“As long as you do it responsibly, 100 percent, it’s a great way to get out of the house and just get some time away from home,” said Hemze.

Usually pontoons are the most popular, but this year, fishing boats and tow boats for surfing and wake boarding are increasing in popularity.

“This year, it’s been all of them,” said Hemze.

It may be a late start to the season, but families are back out on the water, soaking in as much fun as they can.

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