Social Distancing: Creature Comforts

How Life At Home Subtly Changes When You're There All The Time


If we’re supposed to stay at home a lot more and social distance, might as well make home more comfortable. It’s interesting to see the habits I’m picking up now that I’m more of a homebody. But creature comforts mean more when us creatures are stuck close to home.

For the first time in my life, I’m becoming a house slipper guy.



I’ve had these for a couple years now…gotta rep my Broncos. But I never wore them regularly until a couple months ago. It was just kind of organic. I never made a point of becoming a slipper guy. But when I’m at home it’s nice not having to walk on the cold, hard kitchen or bathroom floor. You just feel good shuffling around on your own personal mini carpets. It kind of makes me feel old, but I kind of don’t care.
Next thing I know I’ll be one of those guys who wears a robe until 3 p-m on the weekends.

But you gotta do what you can to make your home more comfortable, especially during social distancing.
So here’s today’s question: How are you doing that? The longer this pandemic lasts, the tougher it is to stave off cabin fever. Let me know. We could all share some tips. Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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