30 people test positive for COVID-19 after Lake Park, MN funeral

"I don't regret making the choice to be there for my friend… I wish this virus wasn't happening," Family Friend Kathleen Keen Said.

LAKE PARK, Minn. — “I don’t regret making the choice to be there for my friend. I wish this virus wasn’t happening,” Kathleen Keen said.

People were wearing masks and socially distancing during her friend’s father’s funeral.

Keen says it wasn’t until the social hour after the service that people started to take off their face coverings and come together.

“It was in this fellowship hall and I remember looking at the windows and wishing I could open them, like, this is not good that everyone is packed together in this room,” Keen explained.

She says around five people have been hospitalized including Keen’s husband who was just released.

“He feels a little bit better. He has pneumonia as well,” Keen said.

She hopes her experience can be a warning for people to avoid large gatherings and take the virus seriously.

Keen says she is turning her sickness into solutions by donating her blood for research.

“They do want people with antibodies to do research and development for covid patients,” Keen said.

After sharing her story online dozens of people came to her support and helped her along the way.

“People sending well wishes, asking how we are, it’s meant a lot,” Keen said.

She says she in contact with her friend and hopes everyone involved with the funeral will have a speedy recovery.

“I just thought I had to be there and I took a chance and it is what it is,” Keen said.

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