NDSU Lays Out Move In Options For Incoming students Amid COVID-19

About 3,200 students are expected to check in at the NDSU residence halls this fall.

FARGO, N.D. – Those who have recently graduated high school have had to skip on celebrating life milestones like prom and graduation because of COVID-19.

Now, they’re going into a new chapter of their life a little bit different than planned.

But Nick Kuhlman has remained optimistic through it all.

“I guess, I just look forward to the future, so I always did try to stay positive, so I thought there would be time where I could be in the dorms,” Kuhlman said.

Kuhlman is a freshman at NDSU and says the experience of moving in has been a lot less stressful than he was expecting it to be.

“Pretty easy. I haven’t been anxious at all because there’s not a lot of people here. It’s pretty quiet,” he adds.

He is one of 400 students that decided to do the early drop off option.

“We really broke it down to two options for our families. Our first option is what you’re seeing today. So, all this week, students could have signed up for time to go to their residence hall, drop their belongings and then head back home and they would return when classes get started,”the Director of Residence Life at NDSU Rian Nostrum said.

Students who wanted to move-in closer to when school started were given the second option.

“For those who want to come in during the normal check-in times, instead of all being on one day, it’s actually Thursday, Friday and a Saturday where they sign up for a specific time, so that we can control how many people per building are coming in any given hour,” Nostrum adds.

Students were also only allowed to bring no more than two people.

Kulhman says that as he gets ready to embark on this next chapter, he knows that he has to keep COVID-19 in mind.

It’s a new normal that him and many other students will have to get used to.

“Social distance correctly, always wear a mask, don’t be in large groups of people,” Kulhman said.

The students and their family members were required to wear masks indoors and outdoors while at the NDSU campus.

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