Red River Zoo Teaches Kids Importance Of Farming At Agricultural Adventure Day

This Is The 4th Agricultural Adventure Day For The Zoo

FARGO, N.D. — At the Red River Zoo, families are learning about the agricultural industry and how crops grown around the state are used for multiple things.

“These crops that are grown like the field corn here is actually used for ethanol. To find out the alternative use for these crops besides food is really important, so they see what agriculture has on the world,” Board Member For The Red River Zoo Abbey Wick said.

Kids collected stamps on their passport at multiple sites with experts teaching the importance of soil, crop growing, and seeing large farming equipment.

Teaching kids the importance of maintaining soil and learning how agriculture impacts everyone.

Staff say a big perk for families is offering free admission to kids during the adventure day so everyone can come out and enjoy.

“It’s definitely a draw for agricultural day, so parents got to pay but the kids get in free, and it’s a great way for your kids to get to the zoo and you can see all the awesome cold-climate animals the zoo has to offer,”Wick said.

Wick says the zoo will continue to provide a safe place for families to come together and enjoy themselves.

“I think the zoo is such a great resource cause it’s an outdoor space for your kids; they have great distancing and safety protocols in place right now,” Wick said.

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