Fischbach explains tying Peterson to Pelosi & agriculture platform

MINNESOTA – Minnesota’s former Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach cruises to victory in the GOP primary for the state’s seventh congressional district.

She got 59 percent of votes. Dave Hughes, who took on Congressman Collin Peterson in the past two elections, got 22 percent. Doctor Noel Collis received 15 percent.

In her campaign, Fischbach has tied Peterson to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The Republican says he supports her agenda since he has voted in favor of her being speaker.

One of Fischbach’s platforms is helping farmers.

“We need to make sure our economy comes back strong and that will help ag. That’s just for starters. In addition to that, we need to make sure that we protect programs that are there for farmers,” Fischbach said.

Click the video below to see the full interview.

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