A Family Wants To Raise Awareness After Losing Son To Suicide

Spencer Muchow was 27 years old and a father of two little boys

MOORHEAD, Minn- “I’m not ashamed. I’m not, I was proud to be his mom,” Andrea Alm says.

Andrea Alm was Spencer Muchow’s mom.

“He walked into a room and you knew it. Immediately. He made everybody laugh. He would drop everything to help anybody, anytime,” she says.

But underneath it all, he was battling his own demons.

Muchow committed suicide in April of last year.

He was 27 years old and a father of two little boys.

“We had no idea that he was going through what he was going through, and ever since then, I’ve noticed, how much of a stigma there is around suicide,” Alm says.

Alm decided to turn grief into a good deed.

She and her family organized a rummage sale fundraiser with all the proceeds going to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

“I wanted to do everything I can to help that get better in the community. I thought that I would arrange something big, to benefit the AFSP,” Alm adds.

But, the family thought it was also important to get conversations started for those seeking to educate themselves about suicide.

They invited a representative from the AFSP.

“We should be here to help. You know, we should help our fellow man, fellow woman, our sisters, our brothers, our cousins, you know, we’re all sharing this planet, we’re all sharing these feelings, we need to stick together and you know help each other out, instead of constantly berating somebody for feeling something that is totally normal,” Spencer’s brother, Tyler Muchow says.

Even as they continue to grieve for the beautiful soul they say left this earth far too soon, they know that Spencer is watching over them, with a smile on his face, knowing the change and the impact they are making in the community.

“We wish he were here, but we know that he’s looking at us, going thank you. Thank you for helping others,” Alm says.

Mayor Tim Mahoney has declared August 16th “Spencer Muchow Day” in Fargo.

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