Moorhead Police release dash cam video of traffic stop with Black Lives Matter leader

Faith Shields-Dixon filed a complaint with Moorhead Police after she was pulled over for speeding.

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Moorhead Police officers Eric Zimmel and Kaden Oldham pulled over Faith Shields-Dixon for speeding.

Dash cam video was released after Shields-Dixon filed a complaint.

In the video, officers Oldham and Zimmel approach the vehicle to issue the violation for going 44 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. Shields-Dixon appears frustrated with the way officer Zimmel is handling the situation.

“Give me my ticket, and then you can let me go, but I don’t need you to scream because I am recording you,” Shields-Dixon can be heard saying in the video.

She then begins talking on the phone with her husband.

“Honey stay on this phone. I am by Concordia College and I want you to come over here now. Stay on the phone because I have a police camera in the bag,” said Shields-Dixon.

Officers ask for Shields-Dixon’s registration and insurance card.

“I will give you my information, but I am going to close my door because you are being really rude, because Black Lives Matter,” said Shields-Dixon.

“Ma’am you’re making this racial. Good job ma’am, good job ma’am, you are making this racial,” officer Zimmel is heard replying.

Officer Zimmel then appears to get impatient.

“Let’s go, Let’s go. Grab your stuff and provide it. Grab it and provide it. You are not going to just sit here and stare at people,” said Zimmel.

Shields-Dixon produced an expired insurance card, but told the officers she was willing to accept a second ticket and be on her way.

Once back in the squad car, the officers see a vehicle drive up and call for backup.

“305 and other units, if we have another squad nearby, we will take them now. We have someone rolling up on us that she called,” said one of the officers in the car.

The officers get back out of the squad car to give her a two tickets for speeding and for no proof of insurance.

Shields-Dixon was able to see the video and says it does not tell the whole story because officer Zimmel’s audio was not turned on.

“That is very suspicious for me to be a training officer and not have your audio on to deal with somebody that they claim is so irate because he was saying things and doing things that violated my constitutional rights,” said Shields-Dixon in a phone interview.

Shields-Dixon met with the police department and Mayor Johnathan Judd saying she will continue to seek justice and to have Moorhead Police hold themselves accountable.

Click here to see the full dash cam video.

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