Profile by Sanford gives tips for a healthy lifestyle during national wellness month

Health coaches say health should be a focus all year round and can be started today by making small changes.

WEST FARGO, N.D. — According to health coaches at Profile by Sanford, focusing on health and wellness should be a way of life, but it shouldn’t feel overwhelming.

“Sometimes people look at the change in lifestyle as a huge overcoming for the next year of life,” said Profile by Sanford’s business development specialist, Abby Kiland. “Let’s just start with today.”

Kiland says the best way to get started can be making small changes each day that will develop into healthy habits over time.

“Waking up and having a glass of water, getting up from your desk and taking a ten minute break for yourself whether that is going for a walk, whether it’s taking a phone call with a friend,” said Kiland.

If you are struggling to begin a journey towards better health, it can be beneficial to team up with someone else that will hold you accountable.

“Maybe creating wellness around your entire family, so you are not the only one doing it,” suggests Kiland. “Bring your kids in, bring your spouse in, maybe your college roommates. Create that wellness around everything that you do so that it is always something of who you are.”

It is important to remember that wellness does not look the same for everyone.

“What does wellness look like for you? What is it that makes you feel good? What is it that makes you go into your day positively? Do that. Don’t do what the guy said on Pinterest or that girl said on Facebook. Do what actually makes you feel good,” said Kiland.

Profile by Sanford is staffed with health coaches that are there to help you find what makes you feel good and to create a plan to make wellness a priority in your life.

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