NDSU choir moves rehearsals outdoors to keep everyone safe

Students Find New Ways to engage with performance materials.

FARGO, N.D. – NDSU performance arts students are finding ways to work around COVID-19 restrictions.

Choir students are hungry to get back into their studies and are taking every opportunity to work on their craft even with pandemic restrictions.

In order to keep themselves and others safe the students have opted to do their rehearsals with masks on and outside, weather permitting.

With the amount of droplets made by singing, the choir has to change its entire education structure. They are relying on more online rehearsals and doing two in-person gatherings each week instead of five.

“For now we’re singing, we’re trying to learn music, we’re trying to build community, we’re getting to know each other. We’re doing the best we can. NDSU Director of Choral Activities Dr. Jo Ann Miller said.

One student said “NDSU has decided to give us a chance to learn during the pandemic, I feel like we should give them a chance to teach.”

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