Sargent County Rancher Finds Innovative Ways To Sell Her Products

Block's sales includes steaks, ground beef, and brisket

HAVANA, N.D. — Lacey Block is a sixth generation cattle rancher from Havana, North Dakota, south of Fargo in Sargent County.

“It kind of just runs in our blood and there’s nothing else we want to do in this world,” said Lacey Block.

She says in September of last year, she started to see that the amount of time and energy she was putting into her ranching operation was not adding up financially.

“I was like, well, maybe we could try to do something direct and cut out the person in the middle making a majority of the profits,” Block said.

She started Ranchers Rebellion Beef Company as a way to start directly selling her products to customers.

Sales started booming, especially in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

“The support from the F-M area that I’ve experienced over the last six months has been unbelievable. I mean there’ve been days where I’ve been basically moved to tears just talking to people and the turnouts and the support,” Block said.

It was only fitting that one of the seven locations the company is working with across northeast South Dakota and southeastern North Dakota would be in the metro.

Moorhead Massage & Wellness Center didn’t think having food as part of their business was in the cards yet.

But COVID-19 changed those plans.

“Phones are not ringing quite like they used to. We had an opportunity to partner with Ranchers Rebellion and we were very excited to step into this venture a little bit sooner than maybe we thought we would,” said the owner of Moorhead Massage & Wellness Center Matt Franco.

For Franco, it’s not only about small businesses supporting small businesses, but also supporting farmers through these difficult times.

“Being able to play a part in helping them sustain, I think it’s important not only for them economically, it’s important for the environment. And all sorts of things that come into play,” Franco said.

Moorhead Massage and Wellness Center is located at 202 8th Street South.

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