Social Distancing: Big Crazy Statues

There are a TON of ridiculous statues in our region just ripe for socially distanced exploring


When I go on vacation, I don’t really plan things very well. I just go somewhere, meander around and find stuff that interests me. And it usually works out. Let’s talk statues.
So many little towns around the region have big statues to try and pull in some attention. And if you love ridiculous things like I do, then they’re a gosh dang treat and a great way to have some fun while social distancing.

Let’s go to Hackensack, Minnesota. You don’t even have to get out of your car to enjoy a lot of these, but I did anyway because there was no one else there. Hackensack might be just outside out viewing area, but it’s only about 2 hours from Fargo/Moorhead.
And that whole area loves them some Paul Bunyan. Here, they even have a statue of Paul’s sweetheart, Lucette.
The website Roadside America says she’s 17-feet tall.
No word on her other measurements, but it’s clear Paul Bunyan has a type of lady he’s into.

Hackensack also claims to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan, Jr., with this statue right next to Lucette.
Even young Paul towers over me.
I was in Hackensack to try out a new brewery. I had no idea these were here.

Then, we just happened to be driving near Nevis, Minnesota, in Hubbard County, so we stopped for this majestic catch, the world’s largest Tiger Muskie. Roadside America says it’s 31-feet long and has been delighting and/or confusing people since 1950.
I didn’t know these statues were there, but they’re great for a fun photo op and an excuse to get out and explore our region.
Now here’s where my habit of not planning trips can bite me.

Here is a map from the Roadside America website. All those little dots represent offbeat or interesting things in small Minnesota towns in the area.
For example, in Nevis, I was only six miles from the world’s largest Paul Bunyan statue in Akeley.
And I was only 19 miles from a statue of Saint Urho: Grasshopper Vanquisher in Menahga. He’s a fictional Finnish priest who fought back an infestation of grasshoppers the size of dogs. Click on the map. Don’t make my mistake and miss something like Saint Urho.

And we’re always looking for social distancing ideas.
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