Social Distancing: The Giant Statue Tour

A Giant Tour Of Giant Statues In Minnesota

Do you want to explore, do something epic, and run into practically no one while you’re doing it? Lakes County has a ridiculous number of crazy roadside statues towering over highways, lakes, and other random places. And it’s about the perfect social distancing activity because no one is around these works of art. So I went and saw as many…

Social Distancing: Big Crazy Statues

There are a TON of ridiculous statues in our region just ripe for socially distanced exploring

  When I go on vacation, I don’t really plan things very well. I just go somewhere, meander around and find stuff that interests me. And it usually works out. Let’s talk statues. So many little towns around the region have big statues to try and pull in some attention. And if you love ridiculous things like I do, then…

Fargo Bar Hosts Think And Drink Talk About Historical Monuments And Race

The Next Think And Drink Is On March 22nd That Will Cover How To Combat Fake News.

FARGO, N.D. — A cold drink and a thoughtful discussion about historical monuments and race. It’s all at the Think And Drink at the HoDo Bar in Downtown Fargo. People packed into the bar to talk about the historical context of the Confederate and Pioneer statues across the country. The presenters say it’s important for people to know why they…