Concordia Will Reduce Tuition By More Than 35%, Introduces New School Model

The college had an overall enrollment of 5,532, down 3.5 percent from Fall 2019.

MOORHEAD, Minn. —  Concordia College announces lower tuition starting fall 2021 and a new change to its academic structure.

Tuition at Concordia College will be reduced more than 35% starting in fall 2021.

“The price for annual tuition will be $27,500 dollars. $15,000 dollars less than it is now,” said the President of Concordia College William Craft.

Additional tuition expenses as a new and current student will decrease as well.

“Our tuition in the last few years has been closer to 4% and that’s been about $1,700 dollars a year. Going forward we will limit tuition increases annually to something less than $1,000 dollars and then help families both understand their cost and manage their cost over the long term,” said the Vice President of Enrollment at Concordia College Dr. Karl Stumo.

“Current enrolled students will have an out of pocket tuition cost increase no higher than $800 dollars for the academic year 21-22 when our new pricing model takes effect,” Craft said.

The goal is to expand the opportunities to many families in the metro who didn’t think college was a possibility for their children.

“To cut through the confusion and anxiety so many experience after decades of rising tuition prices. Anxiety surely heightened by all that our nation is going through right now,” Craft said.

The college also introduced two new schools they say embody all areas of Concordia.

“We have created this year the school of arts and sciences, and the school of health professions to stand with the Offutt of Business in naming our distinctive strengths,” Craft adds.

Concordia says that with these new tuition prices, student grants and scholarships will go further towards reducing the costs and reducing the need of student loans.

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