Social Distancing: Buffalo Roundup

Plus Your Last Chance To Enjoy A Summer Staple And A Fall Colors Update


If you want to enjoy a last taste of summer before chances of flurries next week…yuck…you can support a local restaurant from a safe social distance.

The Moorhead Tastee Freez is closing for the season this Sunday, September 27th. They’re closing a month early.
They have to finish repairs after a break-in caused a lot of damage earlier this summer.
It’s been a rough couple years for them. Construction has blocked off the easiest route to get there for the last two years, but it’s only a couple extra turns to get there.
It’s one of the better places to get socially distanced dining. There’s no interior seating. It’s basically take-out.
I stopped by yesterday.
And if you stop by Sunday for their last day, ice cream is half off.


If you’re looking to get out and check out the fall colors this season, this weekend might be your best bet.
Click here to check out the Minnesota fall colors map from the DNR.
Those Red ares mean they’re already at peak color, just a few days into fall.
The leaves are turning fast. Much of that area was at less than 50 percent peak color just a few days ago.
That red area includes Itasca State Park, which is beautiful without the extra color. It’s gotta be popping now.


There’s another jaw-dropping display of nature that’s happening Friday in our region, down in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Friday morning, about 1,300 bison will thunder across the prairie for the 55th annual Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup.
The video above is from when I went last year.
Normally, thousands of people wait for hours to see the awesome display.
Over 19,000 were there last year.
Cowboys on horseback corral the park’s massive herd in so they can inspect and vaccinate them and brand the young buffs.
There’s a very real chance I would have been down there this morning if the pandemic didn’t break out. It was that much fun last year.
Well, this year we can all be there live even amid the pandemic.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting is live streaming the roundup this year! Here’s the countdown page on YouTube.
The roundup starts at 10:30 Central time.
Here’s a link to watch.


How are you enjoying the first weekend of fall? Send me some of your fall colors photos. We’ll show them off on the show.
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