Moorhead Tastee Freez

The Freez, formerly known as Tastee Freez, opens for the season

Former Tastee Freez re-opens to the public under new name

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A local sweet treat favorite is celebrating the start of spring with a new name and a grand season re-opening. The former Tastee Freez will now be known as “The Freez.” Co-owner Jessica Malvin says the transition has been a bittersweet moment, but this will give the restaurant the chance to test out new flavors and menu…

Social Distancing: Buffalo Roundup

Plus Your Last Chance To Enjoy A Summer Staple And A Fall Colors Update

  If you want to enjoy a last taste of summer before chances of flurries next week…yuck…you can support a local restaurant from a safe social distance. The Moorhead Tastee Freez is closing for the season this Sunday, September 27th. They’re closing a month early. They have to finish repairs after a break-in caused a lot of damage earlier this…

Moorhead Dairy Queen, Tastee Freez prepare for season opening

Both locations will open for the new season on March 1st

MOORHEAD, Minn. — March 1st is a day many around the city of Moorhead look forward to all winter. It marks the season opening of the Moorhead Dairy Queen. For the past two weeks, staff has been hard at work prepping for Sunday’s opening. “We start with making all the dilly bars and the novelty treats – dilly bars, buster…