Moorhead Dairy Queen, Tastee Freez prepare for season opening

Both locations will open for the new season on March 1st

MOORHEAD, Minn. — March 1st is a day many around the city of Moorhead look forward to all winter.

It marks the season opening of the Moorhead Dairy Queen.

For the past two weeks, staff has been hard at work prepping for Sunday’s opening.

“We start with making all the dilly bars and the novelty treats – dilly bars, buster bars, Mr. Malties, chipper sandwiches,” store owner Troy DeLeon said. “We totally fill the store so that when we open on Sunday, whatever anybody wants we have available.”

The Dairy Queen isn’t the only sweet-spot opening it’s doors in Moorhead. The Tastee Freez is also getting set to open for the new season on Sunday.

Last season, construction in the area posed some challenges for the business, but with most of that out of the way, owners say they are excited to open on time.

“Last year there was quite a bit going on with construction,” co-owner Jessica Malvin said. “They had to move our water lines so we had to be shut for that and then they had some water main breaks. That should be all taken care of. They opened up our road, Main Avenue, so you can come down past Chumley’s and get to us a little bit easier.”

Tastee Freez also made a big investment over the winter that will make sure customers get exactly what they are looking for.

“Getting ready for this year, we decided to make a big purchase. It was much needed, our machine kept breaking down last year for ice cream so took the plunge and we bought a new machine,” added Malvin.

The start of the season is a lot to make happen for both Moorhead favorites, but it’s well worth it for the store-owners who understand the happiness that comes with each year’s reopening.

“We get to see a lot of the customers come back and they are excited to come to the store and get their favorite treat they have been waiting for all winter,” says DeLeon.

“I look forward to it every year ever since I started here 19 years ago. It is the first sign of Spring for me,” says Malvin.

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