Fall Colors

Social Distancing: Avoid The Fall Colors Crowd

See the fall colors without running into too many people

Let’s take a look at the old Fall Color Finder from the Minnesota DNR. Most of the northern part of the state is still in peak color. That’s the bright red area. But more and more places are creeping into the post-peak territory. That’s the darker red areas. You’re running out of time to get out before the trees lose…

Social Distancing: See Peak Fall Colors Before They Go Away

Much Of Northern Minnesota In Peak Fall Colors Right Now

  Fall colors are spreading fast. And they’ll be gone before we know it. If you can head out for a nice socially distanced trip through nature, great. If not, here’s a taste. The girlfriend and I took a trip back to Itasca State Park this weekend. And It. Was. Magnificent. Jaw-dropping colors everywhere you looked. Yellows. Reds. Oranges. The…

Social Distancing: Buffalo Roundup

Plus Your Last Chance To Enjoy A Summer Staple And A Fall Colors Update

  If you want to enjoy a last taste of summer before chances of flurries next week…yuck…you can support a local restaurant from a safe social distance. The Moorhead Tastee Freez is closing for the season this Sunday, September 27th. They’re closing a month early. They have to finish repairs after a break-in caused a lot of damage earlier this…