Social Distancing: Avoid The Fall Colors Crowd

See the fall colors without running into too many people

Let’s take a look at the old Fall Color Finder from the Minnesota DNR.
Most of the northern part of the state is still in peak color. That’s the bright red area. But more and more places are creeping into the post-peak territory. That’s the darker red areas. You’re running out of time to get out before the trees lose those colorful leaves.

It seems like a lot of people are having the same idea when it comes to getting out of the house during the pandemic.
But even if there are crowds, you can still enjoy the fall colors safely.

I went down to Maplewood State Park in Otter Tail County over the weekend. The colors are popping, and you can get some breath-taking views from the top of Hallaway Hill. I gotta be honest, the hill was crowded on Saturday, but you could still make your way while socially distancing.
But it was still super easy to find somewhere more secluded. We found a dock by the shore of the lake where we were the only people.
Most of these parks have a couple hot spots where people flock to.
There are still dozens of amazing places to get out and enjoy the season far away from any crowds. Just don’t wait too long. The colors won’t be there forever.

The park is also just a few miles from Pelican Rapids, which allowed me to indulge in another Covid-induced hobby, seeking out crazy statues.


Here’s Pelican Pete! He’s right next to a dam on the Pelican River, where he’s been since 1957. He’s supposedly the world’s largest pelican. If you do seek him out, you won’t be able to see him from the road, but there’s a parking lot next to the Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce, which is the building Pete is hiding behind.
Be careful if you’re posing for a pic with Pete. The ground is really slippery there thanks to river slime. I almost biffed it and fell into the river.

I love showing off unique things in our small town. Where should people explore next in our region? Tell me on Facebook and Twitter.

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