Social Distancing: From Broadway To Billboard, Moorhead Native Makes Splash With New Album

It's really good! Even if it's not your style, you can give it a shot


Now is a good time to explore some new music. You can’t just binge watch TV all the time. We already told you about a musician originally from Moorhead who is making some waves. Now, her first full album is out for your listening enjoyment.

This is the title track from Softee’s album, “Keep On”.
Rolling Stone already gave her some love. Now Billboard is saying she’s an artist to watch.
Softee is the DIY project of Moorhead Native Nina Grollman.
I bought the album this week, and I love it.
First off, she has a heck of a voice. She could probably sing anything.
Most of the songs are incredibly catchy. They make you want to dance. But they lyrics of a lot of them deal with some melancholy stuff, relationships falling apart, nostalgic longing for youth, even a song that’s pretty much all about dealing with quarantine called “Get Well Soon”.
I wish I could tell you my favorite song on the album, but the title has a word that I don’t think I can say on TV.
Even if electronic pop isn’t your style, you could give it a shot and support a local artist.
Here’s a link to buy the album and stream it.
Also, this is where I love to point out that she’s also a star on Broadway. She’s appeared in a play with Denzel Washington and starred as Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Tell us your playlist! I’ve been surviving on 80’s pop to get me through runs for the last seven months. I could use some new suggestions.
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