No Mask Mandate Makes It “Difficult for Us to Try to Make a Difference”

Public Health Director Renae Moch says the majority in the state are not wearing a mask.
Renae Moch

BISMARCK, N.D. — The Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Department struggles with cooperation as COVID cases rise in North Dakota.

Director Renae Moch says, “Without that mandate or enforcement piece behind it, it becomes very difficult for us to try to make a difference in the number of cases we’re seeing and really trying to take, having this taken seriously by the public we’re working with.”

Moch says they’re doing what they can to encourage people to practice social distancing, avoid large crowds and wear a mask.

Unfortunately, she says the majority in the state are not wearing a mask. Those at the state level say personal responsibility is the way to go to get people to mask-up.

She says they are also seeing large numbers go up in clusters because people are living the way they did before the pandemic happened.

The department also has many people refusing to answer contact tracing questions, others not even taking their call.

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